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Maryland Governor's wife Yumi Hogan also participated...Washington Artists Association group exhibition

Park Hyun-joo

Jun 7, 2021

"The most difficult times are the best times"

The Washington Korean-American Artists Association (President Cha Jin-ho) group exhibition was held at the Riverside Gallery in eastern New Jersey, USA on the 2nd. This is the 46th group exhibition with the theme of 'Infinite Spectrum'.

“Even though the preparations for this exhibition were not so smooth, the participating artists showed their passion,” said Cha Jin-ho, president of the Washington-US Artists Association. “The active participation of the members made this exhibition possible even though it took about five hours to transfer the works.”

According to the association, the exhibition reception held on the opening day (2nd) was crowded with people from nearby New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, including about 20 participating artists, conveying the atmosphere that Corona 19 is running towards its destination in the United States.
In this exhibition, the sculpture 'You & I in the Circular Worlds, Sculpture, 4-2021' by 82-year-old Hong-Ja Kim (USA: Komelia HongJa Okim), who has been a professor at Montgomery College, Maryland for a long time ' was exhibited and attracted attention. It is a slim work that applied the craft technique of the Three Kingdoms period, and the shadows reflected in the shape of a person with open arms convey a cheerful sense of rhythm.

Jinho Cha's large aluminum sculptures brought vitality to the exhibition. It is said that the freshness is comparable to the metal works of John Camberlain, who dominated New York artists in the 1960s, using scrap car bonnets, etc.

Writer Hogan Yumi, who is also the wife of Governor Hogan, who is currently serving as the governor of Maryland, is also attracting attention by presenting the work 'Nature of Symphony 4.

Rest (Rest 2021, Wood, Oil) also drew attention, and the combination of an exotic woman with pink hair, a tiger, and a lotus flower, which are Korean icons, is a 'surreal painting' like a painting.

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